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Our Background

The present owners of Ashleigh Court Care Limited have been at the home for over 18 years and have made many improvements to the building, adding extra room and developing the facilities. They take a great interest in the home and will also attend gatherings that are held in the home.

Our Residents

All of our residents are very much their own person, and their support plans reflect this. Within our clients we have a resident who played the saxophone, and also one who was a professional football referee. They have all had varied jobs within their lives and will sit and talk with staff and other residents about their experiences. We can also see some of these experiences thorough their memory books.

A homely environment with a rich history

Come to see Ashleigh Court Care Home for yourself and see what makes it unique.

Our Care

The care we offer is supportive of the needs of each resident, from supporting with personal care, feeding for those who are now unable to do this themselves any more, to looking after those who are coming to the end of their life. The care we provide at Ashleigh Court Care goes on til after the end, supporting the clients family as well. We also accompany our residents to hospital appointments and stay with them when they are taken in during the early hours of the morning, we will stay with them until they are admitted or return home.

CQC report

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